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Ring of Aeon 16 Ring - BAIAE
Ring of Aeon 16 Ring - BAIAE
Ring of Aeon 16 Ring - BAIAE
Ring of Aeon 16 Ring - BAIAE

Ring of Aeon 16

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Note that this product is made-to-order, with prolonged delivery time of up to 30 days!


The Ring of Aeon 16 consists of two parallell ring shapes with 16-18 (depending on the size) intersecting bars. At the tip of each bar there is a natural brilliant cut diamond, in total 32-36 diamonds.

The Ring of Aeon 16 is available in solid 21K yellow gold, 21K light pink gold and 950 Platinum and you may choose between black and white diamonds.

Size Guide

We offer a size range of 60-74 mm, which translates as the inner circumference of the ring band measured in millimeters.

In order to find out the proper ring size for your Ring of Aeon 16, you need to either measure your finger or another ring that will work as a size reference ring. When measuring your finger, make sure to use a measuring tape that shows millimeters and hold it tight to your finger. Then subtract 3 mm from the finger measurement to come up with your ring size. If using a reference ring, you need to choose a reference ring that is 2-3 mm wide in order to get the measurement as accurate as possible. If your reference ring is much wider or less wide, you might need to add or subtract up to 3 mm to your ring size. In order to measure your reference ring as accurately as possible, may we suggest that you use a simple thread that you place along the inside of the ring band and then measure the exact length of the thread using an ordinary ruler.

The most accurate way of finding out your ring size is usually to let a professional jeweler measure your fingers using ring size measurement tools. If doing so, make sure to communicate that you need measurements for wide rings (approximately 15 mm) expressed in millimeters of inner circumference.

If you have any doubts about your size, please feel free to contact us for further guidance and advise!

Note that you always have free exchanges up to 14 days after delivery, should you need to change sizes after having tried your Ring of Aeon 16.

Technical Data

21K Gold
Metal Gold Au
Purity ‰ 875/1000
Total Weight Size 60-64 ≈ 29 g (16 bars)
Size 65-69 ≈ 31 g (17 bars)
Size 70-74 ≈ 33 g (18 bars)
950 Platinum
Metal Platinum Pt
Purity ‰ 950/1000
Total Weight Size 60-64 ≈ 33 g (16 bars)
Size 65-69 ≈ 35 g (17 bars)
Size 70-74 ≈ 37 g (18 bars)
Black Diamonds
Cut Brilliant cut
Color Black
Clarity Opaque
Carat weight 16 bars: 32 x 0.015 ≈ 0.48 ct
White Diamonds
Cut Brilliant cut
Color Top Wesselton
Clarity VS
Carat weight 16 bars: 32 x 0.01 ≈ 0.32 ct
Height ≈ 3.5 mm
Width ≈ 15 mm
Inner circumference 60-74 mm (size range)


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