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Baiae stands for "Be Awesome Inspiring Aware Ethical" - and is also the name of the ancient roman luxury resort situated in the bay of Naples.


What is the delivery time and cost?
The estimated delivery time is 1-7 days for products that are kept in stock (primarily silver jewelries). Products that are made-to-order (primarily gold and platinum jewelries) will be shipped out within 30 days after purchase. The shipping is always free of charge.

Where can I have my order delivered?
We ship to most countries around the world. If your country is not available at checkout, it means that we are currently unavailable to ship, due to reasons such as political insecurity, slow or insufficient regional postal service or any other reason that may obstruct the shipment of the product.

What carrier do you use?
We use several different carriers so that we may choose the one that will offer us the best quality and effectiveness, depending on where in the world we are going to send the shipment. When you have placed an order, you will receive a delivery notification within 48 hours, specifying carrier and order number that you may use to track your delivery.

How can I check the status of my order and track the shipment?
When you have completed your order online you will receive a confirmation email including order number, estimated time of delivery and which carrier that will deliver your products. You may then at any time email and state your order number and we will reply to you with order and shipment status.

If you have not received a confirmation email within 48 hours after purchase, check your spam folder and make sure that is in the safe senders list of your email account. If this does not help, please email



Which methods of payment can I use?
We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, PayPal and Klarna. You may choose your preferred method of payment at checkout.

Are the prices displayed on the product pages the final ones?
Yes, the prices displayed on the product pages are inclusive of VAT and shipping and displayed in USD.

Can I pay in any currency?
All prices are originally set in USD. If your debet-/credit card issuer accepts payments in USD you may make a purchase even if your card is associated with another currency than USD. Your card issuer will in such a case exchange your currency into USD, using the card issuer’s exchange rate.

Can I trust that my payment information will not be shared with any unauthorized third party?
Yes, the domain is equipped with an SSL-certificate, which guarantees a secure encrypted connection between you and the webpage, ensuring that all information including for example credit card information that you provide on the webpage will be transferred securely without the possibility of being hacked by a third party. We also only use well-known entrusted partners, for the processing of your payment.

How do I know that you are a legitimate vendor?
BAIAE is a member of the Swedish Association for Jewelry & Watches (, which guarantees the legitimacy and authenticity of our business. You may always contact them at or +46-707 774 988 if you have any doubts or questions.



Can I return my purchased product?

You may return any unused product within 14 days after delivery. The product must be returned unused together with its original boxes, tags and folders, for the return to be accepted. We will then offer you a full refund minus the return freight cost, calculated upon request. If we do not accept the return, we will notify you and then send back the product to you.

Email your request to including order number, reason for return, and if you would like to change to another product. We will then reply as soon as possible with instructions on how to proceed.

How long does it take before I receive my exchanged products?
It may take up to 30 days after your return has been approved before you receive the exchanged products. We will notify as soon as we have an estimated time of delivery.



What type of metals do the Treasures of BAIAE consist of?
We primarily use 925 silver, 18K gold, 21K gold and 950 Platinum in our jewelries. Each jewelry has a hallmark placed somewhere on the jewelry, stating the specific metal content and guaranteeing the purity, as follows: 925 (sterling silver), 18K (18K gold), 21K (21K gold), 950 (950 Platinum).

What is a hallmark?
A hallmark is the official stamp that states the precious metal content. The hallmark should be placed somewhere visible on the metal that it corresponds to. The hallmark tells the purity of the precious metal, stated either in thousands or in karat (only for gold).

What is sterling silver?
Sterling silver is the commonly used name for a mixture of 925/1000 parts of pure silver and 75/1000 parts of other metals. The official metal content stamp for sterling silver is 925. This is the most common silver mixture used in jewelry making, since silver in its purest form is very soft and therefore might result in a less durable piece of jewelry.

What is karat (k)?
Karat, abbreviated k or K, equals the amount of pure gold expressed in parts of 24 that the gold mixture consists of.

What does 18K gold consist of?
A mixture of 18/24 (750/1000) parts of pure gold (Au) and 6/24 (250/1000) parts of other metals such as silver (Ag) and copper (Cu). Which other metals that are used and the proportion of each metal depends on the desired color of the gold mixture. The hallmark for 18K gold is 750 or 18K.

What does 21K gold consist of?
A mixture of 21/24 (875/1000) parts of pure gold (Au) and 3/24 (125/1000) parts of other metals such as silver (Ag) and copper (Cu). Which other metals that are used and the proportion of each metal depends on the desired color of the gold mixture. The hallmark for 21K gold is 875 or 21K.

What does 950 Platinum consist of?
A mixture of 950/1000 parts of platinum (Pt) and 50/1000 parts of another metal such as for example wolfram or cobalt. Platinum is considered 10 times as rare as gold (Au) and is also harder, tougher and heavier than gold. The hallmark for 950 Platinum is 950. 

What determines the color of gold?
Pure gold (Au) is always yellow. Other colors of gold are created by mixing pure gold with other metals such as silver and copper. The desired color of the gold mixture determines which metals to use and the proportion of each metal.

What is pink gold?
Pink gold is created by mixing pure gold with a relatively large portion of copper, making the entire gold mixture look slightly pink or red.

What is white gold?
White gold is created by mixing pure gold with other white metals such as silver and palladium. White gold is also usually rhodiated, i.e. covered with a layer of Rhodium, creating a bright white finish. White gold was originally created to constitute a cheaper option to platinum.

What is yellow gold?
Yellow gold can either consist of pure gold (24K) or a mixture of pure gold and other metals which do not substantially change the color of the gold mixture from that of pure gold.



What type of stones are used in the Treasures of BAIAE?

We only use natural diamonds. We DO NOT use lab grown (synthetic) diamonds.

What is carat (ct)?
Carat (ct) is the term used for expressing the weight of a precious stone, e.g. a diamond. 1,0 ct = 0,2 grams. For a given cut the carat weigh may also be used to calculate the size of a precious stone.

What is cut?
The cut refers to the shape that a precious stone is cut into. The most common cut for a diamond is the brilliant cut which consists of a total of 57 facets creating the characteristic cone-turned-upside-down form that reflects the light in the most favorable way, creating a sparkling effect. The quality of the cut may be graded on a scale from Poor to Ideal. The higher the quality of the cut the more sparkles you will get out of the specific cut. Usually only stones that are 0,5 ct or more are graded.

What is clarity?
Diamond crystals are naturally created when coal (C) is put under extremely high pressure during a vast period of time. During the process other minerals are often trapped inside the diamond crystal, appearing as small imperfections referred to as inclusions. Clarity refers to the amount of inclusions that may be observed within a diamond. The less inclusions the clearer the color of the diamond will appear and the more effective the light will be reflected. The clarity is graded on a scale from P3-FL (Pique-Flawless) where FL is considered as entirely clear, i.e. free from inclusions.

What determines the color of a diamond?
When a diamond is created in nature it is common that traces of nitrogen (N) are mixed with the coal that makes up the diamond crystal. These traces often tend to make the color of the diamond slightly yellow. The completely white diamonds are very rare and white diamonds are therefore graded from the lack of yellow color, on a scale from Z-D or Yellow-River where D/River equals bright white. Sometimes traces of other elements, such as for example iron (Fe) and hydrogen (H) are mixed with the coal in the diamond, which results in other colors than yellow, such as for example brown, pink and blue. These colored diamonds are referred to as fancy diamonds and are very rare and thus also usually very expensive.

What does the color grading imply for a white diamond?
White diamonds are graded on a scale from Z-D and Yellow-River where D/River equals bright white.

What is a black diamond?
A black diamond is a diamond that is entirely or almost entirely black in its color. It may be naturally colored black due to traces of iron (Fe) or hydrogen (H) that have been mixed with the coal during the creation process, or it may have gained its color from a very high concentration of coal inclusions within the diamond crystal. It may also have been manipulated by man to gain or intensify its black color. We only use natural black diamonds as found in nature. There are different ways of coloring a diamond, such as radiation and HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) treatment. Black diamonds may also be created by putting powder from black diamonds together under very high pressure, creating larger diamond crystals from many small crystals. An entirely black diamond is opaque, i.e. it does not let through any light. Therefore, it may be favorable to use other type of cuts than for non-opaque diamonds since the light will only reflect the outside of the stone. For example, a rose cut shape, where triangular facets cover the entire surface of the stone, will reflect the light much more than a brilliant cut shape that has relatively few facets facing upwards due to its large table (i.e. the top flat part of the brilliant cut shape) in the center of the stone. It is also common to adjust the brilliant cut slightly when cutting black diamonds, making the table smaller and the facets on the side of the table bigger, which makes the diamond reflect more light, enhancing the sparkling effect.

Are the precious stones used in the Treasures of BAIAE natural or man-made?
We use only natural stones.

Why is natural diamond considered as the most exclusive precious stone?
Natural diamonds are created under very delicate circumstances over a very long time period and are therefore very hard to find in nature and thus also equally rare in comparison to other precious stones. Diamond is also a very hard stone, top ranking the scale with a value of 10 Ohm, making it practically unbreakable and therefore also in many cultures a symbol of eternity.



What type of leather do you use?
Lamb nappa

What is the origin of the leather?

Where are the leather goods produced?

What does the padding inside the leather straps consist of?



Where are the Treasures of BAIAE manufactured?
We carefully select our manufacturers from where the best expertise for each part of the manufacturing process is available. Casting and goldsmithery is taking place in Sweden, a country that is well known for its tradition of high quality manufacturing. All leather parts are produced in Italy, where the leather tradition goes way back.

What does the manufacturing process look like?
All Treasures of BAIAE are made by hand, one by one, a process that takes up to a month to complete. We often make our own metal mixtures that we use throughout the entire process to ensure the exact same color nuance on every part of the jewelry. The center point and circular shapes of the jewelry are molded to guarantee the exact symmetry. The more delicate parts are then created using the human hand as the primary tool. During this process extreme precision is required to accomplish the finish and preciseness that we require from all our Treasures. 

Is everything made by hand?
Yes, all jewelries are either entirely handmade or partly casted and partly handmade.

Are the Treasures of BAIAE mass produced?
No, all jewelries are either entirely handmade or partly casted and partly handmade.



Who designs the Treasures of BAIAE?
All jewelries are designed by the BAIAE design team, situated in Stockholm, Sweden.

Can I create my own design?
No, you cannot.

Can I adjust the design of the jewelries presented online?
No, you cannot.

Can I have my initials engraved on the jewelry?
No, you cannot.



How do I best take care of the Treasures of BAIAE?
The most important for taking care of your Treasures, is not to expose your jewelry to unnecessary damage or wear and tear, by always taking off your jewelry when performing physical activities or any activities where the jewelry is especially exposed. That way your jewelry will last longer. If your jewelry gets dirty you may clean it by using special jewel clean care or ordinary soap and water. You may also use a jewel polishing cloth to create a nice and shining finish. A fine brush, such as a soft toothbrush might also be helpful and very effective. Make sure that you only use a silver polishing cloth for silver jewelry, since it will scratch most other precious metals including gold and platinum. If your jewelry contains precious stones, it is a good idea to let a professional goldsmith review your jewelry regularly, perhaps once a year, to make sure that none is loose.

If I take good care of my jewelry, will they last forever?
No matter how well you will take care of your jewelry, normal wear and tear will eventually show as scratches and marks on your jewelry. You may then need to have your jewelry professionally re-polished to regain its shine and luster. In time it is also common that you may need to have your precious stones adjusted. If you wear your jewelry regularly for a long time, the metal may also wear off to a point that you will need to add extra metal to the jewelry.