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Hidden Treasure Bangle Bracelet - BAIAE
Hidden Treasure Bangle Bracelet - BAIAE
Hidden Treasure Bangle Bracelet - BAIAE

Hidden Treasure Cuff

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The Hidden Treasure Cuff is a solid sterling silver open bracelet with a 0.10 ct rough uncut natural diamond on the back of the cuff casted into the material so that only a part of the diamond is visible. During the casting process the diamond is heated to the point that it changes color from naturally blue to yellow, as it appears on the cuff. The diamond is intentionally placed differently to make each cuff unique. Choose whether you prefer to wear your cuff with the opening on the front or the back of the wrist.

Size Guide

Measure your wrist's circumference where you intend to wear your Hidden Treasure Cuff, using a measuring tape. If your wrist measures up to 16 cm we recommend choosing size small (S). If your wrist measures more than 16 cm but less than 18 cm we recommend size medium (M). If your wrist measures more than 18 cm we recommend size large (L).

When putting on your cuff, pull the opening of the cuff over your wrist where it is the slimmest. If the opening of the cuff feels a little bit too small or large, you may adjust it slightly by softly bend the cuff inwards or outwards. However you shall not bend back and forth your cuff too many times since the material might then loose its ability to stretch and compress and also some of its stiffness.

If you have any doubts about your size, please contact us for guidance!

We also offer 14 days of free exchanges after delivery, should you need to change sizes.

Technical Data

Sterling Silver
Metal Silver Ag
Purity ‰ 925/1000
Total Weight ≈ 26-30 g (depending on size)
Rough Diamond
Cut Uncut rough natural crystal
Color Yellow (blue diamond treated with heat)
Clarity Naturally cloudy
Carat weight ≈ 0.10 ct
Height Irregular ≈ 2.7-4.5 mm
Width ≈ 7 mm
Inner length (≈) S: 57-58 mm M: 59-63 mm L: 64-67 mm
Opening length (≈) S: 30-32 mm M: 33-35 mm L: 36-40 mm


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